Special effects presentation

Every year, a visit from Michael Bouterweck is an absolute highlight for us.  Head of the firm Pyrotechnik GmbH, he’s been in the business for over 30 years, overseeing the special effects for Tatort (since 1987) and Polizeiruf (since 1991), among others.  Furthermore he’s involved in nearly every production requiring complex special effects, including “Keinohrhase”, “Enemy at the Gates”, Der Clown”, and “Das Wunder von Legende”.
During his over 3-hour visit with us, he spoke about his work in film, gave insight into the development and preparation involved in the creation of special effects, and gave a live demonstration; additionally to charred hands and a slit throat a big highlight was gunshot wound to the head, with both entrance and exit wounds.  After much preparation our student Bastian was ‘shot’ head-on with a 9mm gun, following which the questions of the students were answered informatively.  Finally, he closed this interesting presentation with a few film anecdotes.  We thank Michael for his involvement!